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802.16 Phy FEC

Product code: CMS0005

An IP block combining all functions required to implement an 802.16a WirelessMAN-OFDM Channel Codec.
This core is intended to accelerate the development of an 802.16a solution by combining all of the required back-end Phy layer functions in a very easy-to-integrate package. It interfaces to the MAC and to the FFT section of an 802.16a solution in addition to providing a register bank interface for configuration by the host processor.
In addition, the core performs all of the burst profile management functions that are required to support the dynamic code-rate and QAM order switching between bursts. The different operational modes of 802.16a are fully supported within the block with minimum overhead to the CPU.

Block diagram

802.16 Phy FEC block diagram (click to enlarge)
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  • Randomizer/De-randomizer.
  • Reed-Solomon encoder and decoder.
  • Viterbi encoder and decoder.
  • Interleaver/De-interleaver.
  • QAM Mapper.
  • QAM De-mapper.